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Sep 10

About Modern Art Prints

Modern Art revolutionized the artistic world by questioning and breaking all previous assumptions about art in general. Still, modern artist did use a traditional feature: making of prints. Exploring new techniques and approaches, Modernists have taken their prints to a whole other level. Therefore, many of their bold creations are anxiously collected today. But let`s find out more about modern art prints!

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  • Evolution

The start of Modern Art movement is considered to be the Impressionism from the 1880s, continued in the 20th century by Pop Art and Post-Modernism. Since the very beginning, Modernists saw the great opportunities of printmaking. Instead of creating a single painting or drawing, artists started to make prints so they could reach a much wider public. Since techniques of reproduction became more advanced, modern art prints were rendered at an accurate and high quality manner. Inspired by Japanese woodcut traditions, modern artists such as Paul Gauguin and Edvard Munch introduced woodcut prints to Modern Art.

  • Modern Art Techniques

There are three main techniques applied for modern art prints: woodcuts, etching and lithography. Highly used by Die Brücke group, woodcuts are made by cutting a design into a flat wooden surface. Allowing more precision than woodcuts, etching consists in applying acid to a metal plate. While Salvador Dali intensively utilized etching, Joan Miró preferred lithography. In lithography, the artist uses a flat stone surface with wax applied if he wants a black space on the paper. At present, digital technologies start to blur the lines and categories in artistic printmaking, threatening their main characteristics.

  • Modern Artists

Big names in Modern Art created prints. To name just a few, the list includes Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Tanguy, and Dorothea Tanning. Nowadays, thousands of Modern Art prints can be found in collections worldwide, including valuable limited edition prints.

  • Collecting

There are many reasons why collecting modern prints is so popular: high-quality (similar to original painting), aesthetic pleasure, and availability. Except limited edition prints, most Modernist prints are available at an accessible price. For example, Dali created more than 1,000 prints, making them more famous than his original paintings and drawings.


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