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Jun 27

Black Art Techniques

When it comes to painting and drawing techniques, most of them are about painting canvas or applying graphite on paper. If you are searching for black art techniques, there are many other interesting alternatives for you to consider. Whether you choose to add color to a solid black surface or to take away bits and pieces of it, below you can find out useful information.

Black Art Techniques Black Art Techniques Picture
  • Scratchboard

A scratchboard is a special art board where paper in mounted on wood, then covered with white clay and black ink. By using a special scratching tool or a Xacto knife blade, the black ink is removed to reveal the white clay beneath. This black art technique is utilized especially in abstract drawings, but the subtractive process can be successfully applied for realistic and detailed images. You can find student-grade scratch boards in art stores.

  • Monotypes

Monotyping consists of covering  a glass plate with black ink then, while still the ink wet, making an image or design by scraping/scratching away part of the black ink. Once this creative stage completed, the ink is transferred with a press to a piece of white paper. Each plate or piece of glass will generate one final image. Feel free to apply this printmaking process for any ink color. You should know that there are also other methods to create monotypes.

  • Black Paper

Available in most art supply stores, the black-colored pastel paper can be used to create wonderful black art. Use as a background for soft/oil pastels or as an opaque water-based paint. For instance, do a still life setup and make a drawing of it using stick of soft or oil pastels. Working on black paper can be difficult, so probably you will have to do several drawings before you get used to it.


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