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Dec 18

How to Create Abstract Art

Abstract art is more than a meaningless splash of paint here a there – it is the artistic expression of feelings, thoughts and imagination. Believe it or not, abstract painting can be more difficult to make than scenic or landscape, as you don`t have a model. The creative process should come from deep within and be rendered in a proper color blending. Still, you can learn more about how to create abstract art and succeed easier in drawing abstract paintings.

How to Create Abstract Art How to Create Abstract Art Picture
  • Purchase ready-made canvas

Available in craft stores, canvas can be found in any size or shape. For more space to express your artistic creativity, buy a larger canvas.

  • Decide colors and type of paint

The next step is choosing the colors and whether you want acrylics or oil paint. The choice should be based on what you want from your painting, so knowing the characteristics of acrylics and oil paint is a must. For example, acrylics dry faster, have no odor, while a possible mistake can be fixed just by paining directly over it. On the other hand, oils are the opposite.

  • Buy painting instruments

Purchase a color chart, paints (in tube or jars), easel and brushes. After deciding the basic colors, use the color chard to match the colors together.

  • Think, imagine, interpret

When you want to create abstract paint, you are actually interpreting a reality, not drawing it. So, start with a thought of something then render it using your imagination. For example, look at a flower and think about how you perceive it, not how to sketch it.

  • Painting

Let the brush take over as you paint using an individual color. When that certain thought is over, stop painting with that color and start with another one. You can do whatever you feel with the color: shade it, make it lighter/heavier, mix it with other colors etc. Use all shapes and sizes of brushes to obtain different looks.

  • Finish

As a rule, once your abstract art is finished, never go back to improve or change it. The final result should be the final one!


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