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Jul 15

How to Make a Classy Art Picture Frame

A classy picture frame is the perfect way to compliment and highlight your art. Below you can find instructions about how to make a classy art picture frame that will make you even prouder about your artistic skills.

How to Make a Classy Art Picture Frame How to Make a Classy Art Picture Frame Picture
  • Right frame pieces

Once you know the measurements of your art, but the exact size frame pieces and backing board. If you need standard size, purchase them from a hobby store. In case the canvas requires customized sizes, opt for molding from a home improvement store, as they will cut it as asked.

  • Mat

A mat provides better protection for the canvas and emphasizes it better, so you should purchase a suitable mat for the art picture. Mats need professional cutting, so check with local framer or hobby stores.

  • Assembling

Put the frame pieces on the soft work surface (ex. latex foam or a padded surface) and assemble them correctly. Line up the mitered corners to prevent gaps. Use a brush to apply wood adhesive to the ends of each adjoining piece, then bond the corners together. If the frame pieces feature wood biscuits, slide the biscuit into each corner for better solidification.
Use the picture frame clamp to keep them until they become dry, but ensure the clamp is not digging into the wood, but padded. Remove any extra wood glue with a damp rag then let the frame dry overnight.

  • Fixing

Once you have the custom glass and backboard, put the frame upside down into the soft work surface. First insert the glass, then the mat. If the art fits the frame, affix it to the frame using masking tape and insert the backboard.
Hammer several panel pins into the inside edge of the frame. Spaced them evenly and    sink them only halfway so that they can hold the work in the frame.

  • Back protection

After you have applied glue all along the edge of the back of the frame, put a piece of Kraft paper or a paper bag over it so that it covers the whole back. Remove extra adhesive and trim the paper to match the frame edge. This ensures additional protection for the canvas.

  • Hanging the frame

Make a mark at one-third down from the top of the frame on the vertical pieces and screw eyehooks or D-rings. Cut a picture wire equal with the width of the frame plus 4 inches and thread it through each hood/D-ring and across the back of the frame. Protrude 2 inches on each side then wind it over itself like a twist tie at each end. If the wire is too long, trim it.
Now that your classy art picture frame is ready, you can place it wherever you want. Professionals recommend hanging art at 57 inches up from the floor to the center of the art.


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