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Nov 15

How to Make Fabric Wall Art

Custom-made art is always more rewarding than a series product you just buy from the store, so why not take things a little further and decorate your house with your very own handwork! You will surely receive a lot of compliments from your guests if you follow the guidelines below about how to make fabric wall art and really create your very own artwork!

How to Make Fabric Wall Art How to Make Fabric Wall Art Picture
Before starting, make sure you have: a variety of fabrics, canvas stretchers, scissors, staple gun and staples, as well as glue, tacks and dangling objects.

  • Selection

For easier managing, put all the supplies on a large work area or table. Once you have decided what fabric to place on top of your wall art, lay it over your first stretcher and decide its position.


  • Cutting

Place the fabric down flat with the back side up then lay the stretcher over it so that it perfectly fits. Cut the fabric, but leave several extra inches all around to make sure you have enough, as the cut piece should be 2 or 3 inches wider than the stretcher.

  • Stapling

Staple the fabric onto two opposing sides of the stretcher. Begin with the top then pull it and staple to the bottom, while keeping the fabric square to avoid wrinkles. To check how your wall art looks, flip the stretcher over. In case you don`t want fabric edges to be raw, just tuck under about 1/4 to 1/2 inch as you staple for a hemmed look.
Go on with the other two sides, too. Always remember to pull the fabric snugly in order to get a smooth, flat result.
Repeat this stapling process for each stretcher and fabric choice. Remove all dangling strings and extra fabric bits.

  • Finishing

You can get creative about your wall art and add dangling decorations such as fringe or beads. Don`t forget to secure the top strands to the back of the stretcher. To do that, use glue or tacks or just put a staple over the string.
Now that your fabric wall art is finished, find the perfect place for it and enjoy your artistic creation!


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