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Apr 30

How to Sell Western Art

Also known as Cowboy Art, Western art refers to painting, drawings and sculptures which illustrate the Western heritage such as cowboys in horses, Native Americans, ranches and open plains with bison or other Western animals. Being focused on a niche market, this type or art can be difficult to sell, so below you will find some useful tips about how to sell Western art.

How to Sell Western Art How to Sell Western Art Picture
  • Go online

There are many websites specialized on Western art (ex. Cowboy Art Show) , so exhibiting your work on these online marketplaces is a great opportunity not to miss, since their public is already looking for buying Western art pieces.
The list with online artisan marketplace includes Bonanza and Etsy. Most of these websites offers you a shop that you can customize while processing payments for you. To access their services, you generally have to pay a listing fee ranging from 10 cents to 40 cents for each item you put on sale. For better exposure, it is recommended to use more than one marketplace.

  • Exhibit in art galleries

Search for galleries that display Western art and try to display your work there. If you can`t find a local one, apply to exhibiting in another city or state. Some of the galleries specialized in Western art are: Zaplin Lampert Gallery (Santa Fe, NM), Trailside Galleries (Jackson Hole, WY and Scottsdale, AZ), Big Horn Galleries (Cody, WY and Tubac, AZ), and Great Western Art Gallery (Denver, CO).

  • Display in bookstores, restaurants or cafes and sell on commission

Many cafes and coffee shops allow artist to display their paintings and drawing on the walls, then sell them in exchange of a small commission. The commission is generally 20 percent to 40 percent. While you win, they also win by having free decorating. Some bookstores also agree to sell Western art on commission, but you will have more success with the ones specialized in American history books.
All you have to do is contact the restaurants and bookstores and ask if they agree to display your Western art and sell it on commission.

  • Join a Western artists association

Being part of an association for Western artists is very important, as this will offer you the possibility to connect with other artists, but also with collectors directly interested in buying Western art.


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