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Jul 15

How to Set Up a Home Office Art Studio on a Budget

Renting an art studio sometimes equals the cost of renting a whole apartment. Still, there is a cheaper solution for having your own art studio: learn how to set up a home office art studio on a budget!

How to Set Up a Home Office Art Studio on a Budget How to Set Up a Home Office Art Studio on a Budget Picture
  • Right Room

The best choice for a home office art studio is a room which is near a bathroom, so you would not have to install a studio sink. For accessible clean up, always have a can of powdered bathroom cleanser and a sponge under the sink.

  • Efficient Storage

In case you have an unused clothing closet, use it efficiently. Take away the horizontal clothes-hanger bar of the closet and shelve the interior for storing art supplies. Craft your own shelves using 1-foot by 6-foot wooden boards, and wooden strips (or L-brackets) as supports.

  • Studio furniture

To save money, search for large, sturdy tables at yard sales.

  • Window fans

Install window fans instead of expensive professional ventilation systems. As long as you strategically place the window fans, your home office art studio will be properly ventilated.
Tip: For achieving cross-circulation with two windows, place a fan for exhaustion on one window, and a fan for introducing fresh air on the other window. Don`t forget to wear a respirator if you work with strong solvents.

  • Economical lighting

When you are on a budget, saving comes first. Opt for simple plug-in fluorescent lighting instead of installing expensive halogen or direct-wired fluorescent lighting systems. Also purchase full-spectrum “natural light” fluorescent bulbs. Make sure you unplug the lights when not in use.

  • Floor protection

To protect the floor of your home office art studio, you can cover it with 4 mm plastic sheeting, then place an extra layer o canvas drop cloth. While the plastic secures the floor for accidental spills, the canvas impedes plastic from tearing. This cost-effective alternative replaces the more expensive professional false floor.


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